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7 Steps To Make Elevators Safe During Covid-19[Guide For Building Owners]

BH Elevator
Publication date:
July 7, 2023
Article Summary: 

The blog provides important considerations for building owners and property managers to keep elevators operating efficiently and safely during the COVID-19 restrictions. It suggests evaluating foot traffic patterns, developing and displaying guidelines for elevator usage, limiting touchpoints with hands-free sanitizers and touchless button options, installing air circulation equipment, and taking advantage of slow periods for maintenance and upgrades. The blog also highlights the ongoing need for safety measures, physical distancing, and mask-wearing, which may impact elevator capacity and efficiency. It advises reviewing contracts with elevator service providers to ensure proper services and compliance, and recommends audits to identify potential issues and improve overall efficiency and reliability.


Building owners, Property managers, Elevator operation, COVID-19 restrictions, Foot traffic evaluation, Guideline formation, Displaying guidelines, Physical distancing, Hands-free sanitizers, Touchless buttons, Air circulation equipment, Preventative maintenance, Repairs, Upgrades, Elevator capacity, Safety measures, Mask-wearing, Contract review, Compliance, Elevator service providers, Audits, Efficiency, Reliability, BH Elevator Consultants Inc.

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BH Elevator
7 Steps To Make Elevators Safe During Covid-19[Guide For Building Owners]
July 7, 2023
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