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7 Reasons Why Your Windows Are Leaking

Raj Kain
Publication date:
February 21, 2022
Article Summary: 

This article discusses seven reasons why windows may be leaking. The first reason is that the window is not leaking, but it is condensation. The second reason is a broken window seal due to wear and tear. The third reason is poor installation. The fourth reason is intricate window layouts without the right protection. The fifth reason is a worn-out glass seal. The sixth reason is poor flash installation. The seventh reason is no paint seal. The article suggests getting replacement windows from a trusted window manufacturer like Clera Windows + Doors, which offers professional window installation and a lifetime warranty. The article also recommends using the right materials to ensure superior water protection and reduce the risk of damage caused by leaky windows.


Windows, leaky windows, replacement windows, window condensation, broken window seal, weatherstripping, window installation, sealed glass unit, flash installation, paint seal, waterproof seal.

Source Citation: 
Raj Kain
7 Reasons Why Your Windows Are Leaking
February 21, 2022
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