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6 Open-Plan Obstacles — And Tips For Overcoming Them

Suzanne Ennis
Publication date:
September 11, 2022
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6 Open-Plan Obstacles — And Tips For Overcoming Them

Open floor plans have their advantages, but they can be noisy and difficult to decorate. To help troubleshoot these and other common complaints, Houzz offers advice on how to divide the space into subspaces, or zones, according to their function. Start by sketching out the room and estimating how much square footage you need for furniture groupings. A typical arrangement for long, rectangular open-plan rooms is linear, with the dining zone sandwiched between the kitchen and living zones. Square or nearly square rooms can be divided in half, with one side devoted to a single zone and the other half equally divided into the remaining two zones.

Key measurements to ensure people can move safely and smoothly are at least 3 feet of width, 4 feet of space between the kitchen counter and the dining room table, and 6 feet or more for an entry door. If existing furniture groupings impinge on these clearances, pare back the pieces or replace


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Suzanne Ennis
6 Open-Plan Obstacles — And Tips For Overcoming Them
September 11, 2022
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