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50 Wonderful Wood-Topped Kitchen Islands

Suzanne Ennis
Publication date:
June 5, 2022
Article Summary: 

50 Wonderful Wood-Topped Kitchen Islands

Wood countertops can be a workhorse or a show pony, depending on their construction, finish and style. They can add a warm, organic counterpoint to a kitchen's hard, nonporous surfaces, and if the wood is sustainably harvested, it can be a green choice as well. We've gathered 50 photos recently uploaded to Houzz that illustrate the beauty and versatility of wood when used to top a kitchen island. Chefs love end-grain butcher block, which is made from glued-together wooden blocks turned on end, but it's prone to warping if not properly maintained and can be pricey to custom-make. Edge-grain wood countertops, which are placed on their sides and glued, are strong, durable and stable, but they're more quick to dull knives.

Face-grain, which is laid flat and glued together, can get dinged up more easily than end-grain or edge-grain, but it showcases the wood's natural variations. Durable iroko wood from Africa is often touted as a more sustainable and affordable alternative to teak.


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Suzanne Ennis
50 Wonderful Wood-Topped Kitchen Islands
June 5, 2022
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