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5 Things You May Not Know About The New Home Ombuds Office

Tarion Building Confidence
Publication date:
July 4, 2022
Article Summary: 

The blog discusses five things about the new home Ombuds office, which was established in Ontario, Canada, in response to the growing demand for greater consumer protection in the new home building industry. The five things highlighted in the article are:

The Ombuds office is an independent and impartial organization that helps resolve disputes between new home builders and their customers.

The Ombuds office is free for consumers to use and provides a quick and efficient way to resolve disputes.

The Ombuds office has the power to investigate complaints, mediate disputes, and make binding decisions.

The Ombuds office is focused solely on the new home building industry, which allows it to have a specialized understanding of the issues faced by consumers and builders in this industry.

The Ombuds office also has a role in promoting transparency and accountability in the new home building industry.


new home building industry, consumer protection, Ombuds office, dispute resolution, independent, impartial, investigation, mediation, binding decisions, transparency, accountability.

Source Citation: 
Tarion Building Confidence
5 Things You May Not Know About The New Home Ombuds Office
July 4, 2022
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