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5 Team Productivity Blockers And How To Overcome Them

Jessica Thiefels
Publication date:
May 28, 2019
Article Summary: 

5 Team Productivity Blockers And How To Overcome Them

If productivity is a problem on your team, it is important to consider the potential blockers and how to fix them. A new study found that technology and connectivity issues are the most common distractions and productivity-suckers in the workplace. To determine whether technology is a productivity blocker for your team, send out a survey and make adjustments based on the information you get back. It is important to ensure that team members have effective tools for project management and collaboration that can help them do their jobs well, and that the workload is balanced across the team members so projects can progress smoothly. When team productivity suffers, you may have to take on the majority of the work or pick up the slack for others.

Collaboration alleviates productivity struggles, allowing project managers to be a better leader. To ensure that projects remain on track, avoid budget overages and angry upper-level leadership, team leaders should invest in collaboration software, encourage team members to schedule "off-limits" focus times on their calendars, and set a time limit for each meeting. Additionally, teams should be able to quickly and easily access folders and commonly-used documents.


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Jessica Thiefels
5 Team Productivity Blockers And How To Overcome Them
May 28, 2019
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