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5 Important Questions to Ask About Duct Cleaning in Ontario

Climate Works
Publication date:
June 10, 2022
Article Summary: 

Duct cleaning in Ontario is a good practice that can save money and improve indoor air quality. It is not mandatory in Ontario, but it is strongly recommended for the health of the family. It is best done in the spring, as less air has been blowing through it. Homeowners should have their air vents cleaned every three to five years. Ducts should be cleaned more often if they are in a dusty area, have pests, or have allergies.

There are signs that the ducts need to be cleaned, such as dust, debris, sawdust, and rising energy bills. Bad odors are also a sign of mold, mildew, or rodents and pests in the ducts. If these signs are present, it is important to get the ducts cleaned.


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Climate Works
5 Important Questions to Ask About Duct Cleaning in Ontario
June 10, 2022
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