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4 Reasons Not To Rush The Spring Garden Cleanup

Benjamin Vogt
Publication date:
March 24, 2022
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4 Reasons Not To Rush The Spring Garden Cleanup

The spring itch is fully upon us, so it is important to consider cleaning up the garden before snow returns. Leaving plants up will help them gather snow around themselves, which insulates the root zone. Additionally, many plants have hollow stems, which can freeze at the bottom of a stem or stalk and cause injury or death. Additionally, insects, such as native bees, have spent the winter maturing in the comfy confines of stems, and will emerge when the heat returns in mid- to late spring. Exposing the garden to fluctuating weather conditions may harm native bees, butterflies, moths, spiders, and other species.

To help bird families, mulch with whatever you cut down and leave ornamental grasses up until June. To preserve the soil structure, stay out of the beds until you absolutely have to get in there. Nature doesn't hurry, so take cues from the natural gardens beyond the fence line and ignore your spring fever.


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Benjamin Vogt
4 Reasons Not To Rush The Spring Garden Cleanup
March 24, 2022
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