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3 Proven Ways to Master Construction Time Management

Publication date:
October 12, 2022
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3 Proven Ways to Master Construction Time Management

Time management is essential for avoiding costly delays and project management risks. A construction schedule is a timeline with all construction activities and milestones required to complete a construction project, and can include such industry-related touchpoints as construction permits, mobilization, start of work, major milestones, project turnover, and much more. Construction time management practices and advanced software solutions can help builders avoid costly delays and heavy penalties by completing projects on time and within budget. Three crucial steps to create a construction schedule include preparation, estimation, and planning and budgeting. The builder must develop a detailed construction budgeting plan for every construction cost category, estimate bids from subs and vendors, choose the best deals, submit the final construction plan to the client, and proceed with construction.

To make construction time management effective, managers should break up the project into milestones and set predefined due dates and KPIs for each construction milestone. Climate and weather forecasts can also affect construction timeframes, so managers should consider the impact of weather changes and include time buffers in the construction schedule. Buildern's Scheduling tool creates customized Gantt charts for construction projects of any size.


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3 Proven Ways to Master Construction Time Management
October 12, 2022
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