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29 Tarion Condominium Guidelines You Should Know

Criterium - Jansen Engineers
Publication date:
November 28, 2022
Article Summary: 

This article provides an overview of the Tarion Guidelines for condo corporations, engineers, and building managers. Tarion is a third-party agency that administers the New Home Warranties Plan Act on behalf of the Ontario provincial government. The two builder bulletins that affect condo corporations are Builder Bulletin 19R and Builder Bulletin 49. Builder Bulletin 19R mandates that builders hire approved field review consultants for condominium projects during construction to prevent construction defects and potential warranty claims in the future. Builder Bulletin 49 is the Performance Audit process, which is an opportunity for the condo corporation to engage their engineer to determine all defects and deficiencies with the common elements and submit a warranty claim to Tarion. The article features three regulations related to water leakage through buried roof slab, leakage through suspended parking slabs and ramps, and leakage through basement or foundation walls or slabs-on-grade. Tarion publishes Construction Performance Guidelines that prescribe certain deficiencies and layouts of what is acceptable and not acceptable.


Tarion, New Home Warranties Plan Act, condo corporations, engineers, building managers, Builder Bulletin 19R, Builder Bulletin 49, field review consultants, construction defects, warranty claims, Performance Audit, common elements, water leakage, buried roof slab, suspended parking slabs, ramps, basement, foundation walls, slabs-on-grade, Construction Performance Guidelines, acceptable, not acceptable.

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Criterium - Jansen Engineers
29 Tarion Condominium Guidelines You Should Know
November 28, 2022
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