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25 Telegram Mews PH5201 – FOR LEASE

The Investor Syrena
Publication date:
June 10, 2018
Article Summary: 

The blog post advertises a condo unit available for lease at 25 Telegram Mews in Toronto, Canada. The post provides a detailed description of the unit, including its location, size, and features. The article also includes high-quality photos of the unit, highlighting its modern design and amenities. The blog provides information about the building's amenities and nearby attractions, such as restaurants and entertainment venues. The post concludes with contact information for interested parties to schedule a viewing of the unit.


Condo Unit, Lease, Toronto, Canada, Location, Size, Features, Amenities, Entertainment Venues, Viewing.

Source Citation: 
The Investor Syrena
25 Telegram Mews PH5201 – FOR LEASE
June 10, 2018
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