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2022 Tips to Conserve Heat in the Home during Winter

Publication date:
January 31, 2022
Article Summary: 

Offers tips on conserving heat and reducing energy bills during winter. It suggests closing curtains at night to prevent cold air from entering and radiant heat from escaping, as well as using insulated curtains for added protection. Allowing sunlight in during the day can help warm the home, but it is most effective when the sun is directly passing through the windows. Closing unused rooms and sealing gaps and cracks in doors and windows with weather stripping can further reduce heat loss. Using a programmable thermostat is recommended to automatically lower the temperature during the night or when occupants are away. The article also highlights the importance of staying cautious to avoid fire hazards when using appliances for heat and recommends PuroClean's professional restoration services for fire, water, or mold damage.


conserve heat, reduce energy bills, winter, curtains, insulation, sunlight, closing rooms, sealing gaps, weather stripping, programmable thermostat, fire hazards, professional restoration services, PuroClean, fire damage, water damage, mold damage.

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2022 Tips to Conserve Heat in the Home during Winter
January 31, 2022
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