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2022 Performance Management Guide: Definition, Types, and Examples

Workhuman Editorial Team
Publication date:
October 31, 2022
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Performance management is one of the most important processes a company can implement, yet only 6% of CEOs think their organization's performance appraisal system is beneficial. It is a work process that allows managers and company leaders to track and assess how well individual employees complete their tasks and individual goals. Continuous performance management helps create an environment where all employees can do their best work and feel empowered to take control of their own professional development. A successful performance management program focuses less on managing and more on developing employees by providing coaching, training, and performance management tools. The most important details in this text are the benefits of using an agile software solution to spark a culture of feedback and continuous performance improvement.

These features include check-ins, real-time, crowdsourced feedback, priorities, formal assessments, integration, and integration with Workhuman’s Social Recognition® capabilities. Performance management is important because it helps foster a mutually beneficial relationship between employees and the people who lead them, keep employees engaged, retain talent, and develop leaders from within. Formal assessments can help measure employee performance over a certain period of time and identify potential leaders within the organization. The traditional performance management cycle typically includes five steps: Planning, Monitoring, Developing, Rating, and Rewarding. Planning involves organizing a meeting among human resource professionals to decide on long-term goals and an annual business strategy.

Monitoring involves meeting with the employees responsible for evaluating on a monthly or quarterly basis. Research has found that 88% of employees desire the same level or more feedback from their managers, and those who check in with their managers at least weekly are 2x as likely to trust and respect them and feel they can grow within the organization.


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Workhuman Editorial Team
2022 Performance Management Guide: Definition, Types, and Examples
October 31, 2022
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