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10 Valuable Considerations When Creating HOA EV Charging Station Policies

Abigail Guevara
Publication date:
February 9, 2024
Article Summary: 

Outlines key policies that homeowner association (HOA) boards should consider implementing regarding electric vehicle (EV) charging stations within their communities. It may cover various aspects such as installation guidelines, allocation of charging spots, fee structures, maintenance responsibilities, and eligibility criteria for residents. The post might also address considerations related to infrastructure, safety, accessibility, and compliance with local regulations. By providing guidance on EV charging station policies, the post aims to assist HOA boards in effectively managing this emerging aspect of community living while promoting sustainability and accommodating the needs of residents with electric vehicles.


HOA, EV charging stations, policies, homeowner association, community living, sustainability, electric vehicles, guidelines, infrastructure.

Source Citation: 
Abigail Guevara
10 Valuable Considerations When Creating HOA EV Charging Station Policies
February 9, 2024
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