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"He Said She Said"

Quintin Johnstone
Publication date:
January 14, 2019
Article Summary: 

The article discusses the importance of audio recording devices in condominiums, particularly at concierge/security desks, to enhance risk management and security. The use of audio recordings is seen as crucial in resolving disputes and investigations by providing accurate accounts of incidents and reducing reliance on "he said, she said" scenarios. The article highlights the legal aspects of audio recording, including one-party consent under the Criminal Code of Canada and the need for clear notices and signage. It emphasizes that audio recordings can help protect against workplace harassment and abuse, ensuring a safe workplace environment. Experts in the field advocate for the implementation of audio and visual surveillance to enforce rule compliance and enhance condo security.


Audio Recording, Condominiums, Security, CCTV Cameras, Risk Management, Workplace Harassment, Workplace Safety, Human Rights Code, Occupational Health and Safety Act, Privacy, Surveillance, Condominium Act, Risk Mitigation, Insurance Liability, Security Guards, Investigations.

Source Citation: 
Quintin Johnstone
"He Said She Said"
January 14, 2019
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