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Wong v. York Condominium Corporation No. 43 - 2023 ONCAT 85 - 2023-07-11






The case involves a breach of a settlement agreement between the applicant and the respondent, York Condominium Corporation No 43 (YCC43). The applicant alleges that YCC43 has failed to comply with the terms of the agreement and seeks orders for compliance, reimbursement of filing fees, and a penalty. YCC43 acknowledges the failure to comply but opposes a penalty. The tribunal finds that YCC43 has breached the agreement and orders compliance with the terms, reimbursement of filing fees, but declines to impose a penalty.


CAT Decisions - Decision
Compliance with Settlement Agreement
Fees, Costs, Penalties


In the case of Wong v. York Condominium Corporation No. 43, the Condominium Authority Tribunal (CAT) found that the condominium corporation breached a Settlement Agreement by failing to implement its terms. The tribunal ordered the corporation to comply with the Agreement, reimburse the applicant for her filing fees, but declined to impose a penalty, emphasizing the limited jurisdiction for penalties in cases related to the enforcement of Settlement Agreements. The case underscores the importance of timely communication and diligence in condominium management to avoid disputes and Tribunal hearings.


In the case of Wong v. York Condominium Corporation No. 43, the Condominium Authority Tribunal (CAT) addressed issues related to the enforcement of a Settlement Agreement and the failure of the condominium corporation to comply with its terms.

Breach of Settlement Agreement: The applicant alleged that York Condominium Corporation No. 43 (YCC43) failed to implement the terms of a Settlement Agreement reached between the parties. YCC43 acknowledged its non-compliance with the Agreement.

Compliance Orders: The tribunal ordered YCC43 to comply with all the terms set out in the Settlement Agreement within 10 days. This included providing the requested records as per the Agreement.

Reimbursement of Filing Fees: YCC43 was directed to reimburse the applicant for her filing fees of $125 as the successful party in the dispute.

No Penalty Imposed: The tribunal did not impose a penalty on YCC43, even though the applicant sought one, as the dispute revolved around the enforcement of the Settlement Agreement, and jurisdiction for penalties did not apply in this context.

Importance of Timely Communication: The tribunal emphasized the need for condominium corporations to be diligent in their communication and responsiveness to owners' inquiries, which can help prevent disputes from escalating to the tribunal.


Compliance with Settlement Agreements: Condominium corporations should ensure that they comply with all the terms and conditions of any Settlement Agreement reached with unit owners promptly. Failure to do so may lead to further legal actions and penalties, as demonstrated in this case. It is essential to prioritize fulfilling the terms of the Agreement as agreed upon by all parties.

Timely Communication: Effective communication between unit owners and condominium corporations is crucial in preventing disputes. Both parties should promptly respond to each other's inquiries and concerns. In this case, timely communication might have resolved the issue without the need for a legal proceeding.

Seek Legal Advice: When facing issues related to condominium governance, it is advisable for unit owners and condominium corporations to consult with legal professionals who are well-versed in condominium law. Legal advice can help ensure that all parties understand their rights and obligations and can lead to the resolution of disputes without resorting to legal action.

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