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Wentworth Condominium Corporation No. 39 v. Toth - 2023 ONCAT 3 - 2023-01-05


WCC 39




In the case of Wentworth Condominium Corporation No. 39 v. Toth, the Condominium Authority Tribunal (CAT) issued a Motion Order, leading to the dismissal of the case. The Applicant, Wentworth Condominium Corporation No. 39, was initially represented by nauthorized representation who was not a licensed lawyer or paralegal, but concerns arose regarding his authority to represent the condominium. The CAT requested submissions from both parties, and during the process, it was revealed that he was neither a licensed lawyer nor a paralegal, raising legal practice concerns. Subsequently, the newly appointed board director expressed the desire to withdraw the application, stating that it was initiated by Heydrich without board approval or knowledge. As a result, the CAT ordered the dismissal of the case in Stage 2 - Mediation.


CAT Decisions - Motion Order
Other Type of Nuisance, Annoyance or Disruption
Pets and Animals


Quick Verdict/Lesson:
The CAT case Wentworth Condominium Corporation No. 39 v. Toth was dismissed due to concerns about unauthorized representation who was not a licensed lawyer or paralegal. The case was withdrawn as it was initiated without board approval, underscoring the importance of proper authorization and compliance with legal practice regulations in legal proceedings.



Representation in legal proceedings must comply with licensing and authorization requirements.
Unauthorized representation can lead to the dismissal of a case.
Legal proceedings should have proper authorization and approval from relevant parties, such as boards or associations.
Compliance with legal practice regulations, such as licensing, is essential for participants in legal matters.



Ensure that legal representatives in condominium cases are duly licensed and authorized to practice law if required.
Seek board approval and knowledge for legal actions initiated on behalf of a condominium corporation to avoid potential disputes.
Maintain transparency and adherence to regulatory requirements in all legal proceedings to prevent complications and dismissals.
In the absence of proper authorization, seek advice from qualified legal professionals to proceed appropriately.

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