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Ottawa-Carleton Standard Condominium Corporation No. 907 v. Williams, et al. - 2023 ONCAT 185 - 2023-12-01




Fri Dec 01 2023 05:00:00 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)


In the case of Ottawa-Carleton Standard Condominium Corporation No. 907 v. Williams, et al., the condominium corporation brought forward complaints against the respondents regarding various issues including noise disturbances, pet-related problems, improper garbage disposal, and other rule violations. The tribunal found that while some disturbances were attributed to outside individuals, the respondents were responsible for other breaches of the condominium rules. However, the tribunal also noted that the respondents took steps to address the main issues once they were aware of them.


CAT Decisions - Decision
Compliance with Governing Documents
Indemnification or Compensation
Parking and Storage
Pets and Animals


While the respondents were found partially responsible for breaching condominium rules, they also demonstrated efforts to address the main issues once they became aware of them. It's crucial for all parties involved in a condominium community to work together to maintain a harmonious living environment and promptly address any rule violations or disturbances.


Condominium owners and residents are responsible for the behavior of their guests and occupants of their units.
Even if some disturbances are caused by external factors, the unit owner is still responsible for addressing them.
It's important for all parties to promptly address complaints and take necessary actions to resolve them.
Compliance with condominium rules is essential to ensure peaceful coexistence within the community.


Condominium owners and residents should familiarize themselves with the rules and regulations of their community and take proactive steps to address any issues that arise. Open communication between residents, the condominium corporation, and management can help prevent conflicts and maintain a pleasant living environment for everyone. Additionally, seeking legal advice when dealing with complex issues can ensure compliance with applicable laws and regulations.

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