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McGugan v. Ritchie et al. - 2024 ONCAT 49 - 2024-04-01


MR 49


Mon Apr 01 2024 04:00:00 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)


The Applicant filed a complaint against her neighbors and London Condominium Corporation No. 35 (LCC 35), regarding the noise from a water feature in the respondent's backyard. The applicant suffers from a medical condition that makes her sensitive to the sound of running water, causing urinary urgency. The respondents claimed the water feature was therapeutic for them. Despite attempts at mediation and accommodating measures like turning off the fountain at night, the applicant persisted with her complaint. The Condominium Authority Tribunal found that while the applicant's condition warranted sympathy, the noise from the water feature wasn't unreasonable by general standards, leading to the dismissal of the application.


CAT Decisions - Decision
Reasonableness and/or Consistency of Governing Documents


The tribunal's decision highlights the balancing act between individual rights and the broader community's interests in a condominium setting. It underscores the need for sensitivity to medical conditions while also considering what constitutes reasonable noise within the community.


Medical Conditions vs. General Standards: The applicant's sensitivity to noise due to her medical condition was acknowledged, but the tribunal assessed the reasonableness of the noise based on general standards.
Consideration of Other Residents: While the applicant's condition was taken into account, the tribunal emphasized the importance of considering the impact on other residents of the condominium community.
Accommodating Measures: The tribunal suggested potential solutions, such as turning off the fountain when the respondents were not home, to mitigate the impact on applicant's without unduly burdening the respondents.


For similar cases, parties should consider mediation and exploring compromise solutions that accommodate the needs of all parties involved. Open communication and a willingness to find mutually acceptable arrangements can help prevent escalation of disputes and maintain harmonious community living.

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