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Ahmed v. Metropolitan Toronto Condominium Corporation No. 581 - 2021 ONCAT 97 - 2021-10-19






In the case of Ahmed v. Metropolitan Toronto Condominium Corporation No. 581, 2021 ONCAT 97, the Applicant filed an application with the Condominium Authority Tribunal (CAT). The case progressed to Stage 2 - Mediation but had been abandoned by the Applicant, as they had not participated in the mediation process since September 11, 2021, despite repeated requests. A Notice of Intent to Dismiss was issued, and both parties were given an opportunity to provide submissions, but the Applicant failed to respond to these requests. As a result, the case was dismissed, and the CAT ordered that all documents and messages shared during the mediation process remain private and confidential.


CAT Decisions - Dismissal Order
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In this case, the Applicant's failure to actively participate in the mediation process and to provide necessary submissions resulted in the abandonment and subsequent dismissal of the case by the Condominium Authority Tribunal (CAT). This emphasizes the importance of timely and active engagement in CAT proceedings to maintain the viability of a case and the need to respond to communication and requests promptly.


Abandonment of Case: The case illustrates that the Condominium Authority Tribunal (CAT) can close a case in Stage 2 - Mediation if it determines that the Applicant has abandoned their case. In this instance, the Applicant, Abbas Ahmed, ceased participating in the mediation process, leading to a Notice of Intent to Dismiss.

Importance of Communication: Effective communication and active participation by the parties involved are crucial in the CAT proceedings. Failure to respond to requests and participate in the mediation process can result in case abandonment and dismissal.

Timely Submissions: The CAT provided both parties with an opportunity to submit their arguments regarding the case's dismissal. However, the Applicant did not provide submissions within the specified timeframe, contributing to the case's abandonment.

Confidentiality: The CAT emphasizes the confidentiality of documents and messages exchanged during the negotiation and mediation stages, underscoring the need for privacy and consent when sharing such information.

Dismissal Order: The decision resulted in the issuance of a Dismissal Order, closing the case in Stage 2 - Mediation.


Active Participation: Parties involved in condominium dispute resolution cases should actively engage in the mediation process. This includes promptly responding to communications and participating in mediation as required. Failure to do so can lead to the abandonment and dismissal of the case.

Timely Submissions: When given the opportunity to provide submissions or responses, parties should adhere to the specified deadlines. In this case, the Applicant's failure to provide submissions within the given timeframe resulted in the case's abandonment. Meeting deadlines is crucial to maintaining the viability of one's case.

Communication: Effective and consistent communication between parties and the Tribunal is essential. Parties should respond promptly to requests and maintain open lines of communication to ensure the smooth progress of their case. In this case, the Applicant's lack of communication contributed to the case's dismissal.

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