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Empowering Communities & Equipping Boards with Resources and Tools.

Our platform equips Directors with efficient tools for streamlined communication, vendor management, and resource access, fostering harmonious condominium communities.

Board Members are directly impacted by access to a greater pool of vendors that goes beyond a PMc’s vendor list. With Stratastic, BODs have free access to a wealth of options and information to conduct their due diligence and make the best decisions for the community they were elected to represent.

Effortless Vendor Selection & Resource Access

Save time & effort finding vendors

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Our Vendor Directory is a comprehensive and user-friendly platform designed to connect businesses, vendors, and contractors with condominium communities. It serves as an extensive database that showcases a diverse range of services tailored to meet the unique needs of condo associations and residents.

Achieve more with the right tools.

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Our Resource Library contains thousands of articles, created by experienced professionals in the condo industry, ensuring that key players can obtain reliable information at all times.
We have over 8,500 resources in our database that help you excel in your condominium education. 
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Board of Directors &

Property Management Companies

Our goal at Stratastic is to provide relevant educational material to Property Managers and Boards.  Therefore Boards are greatly benefited when Property Management Companies use Stratastic's tools to give Property Managers ongoing educational resources and material. 


Board of Directors &

Vendors / Contractors

Through Stratastic, Boards are able to have access to a larger pool of vendors.  Our easy to use Vendor Directory provides accessible information that allows Boards to have more options in a tendering proccess. 


Board of Directors &

Property Managers

The Board is responsible for diligent decision making that the manager must enforce within the corporation, and in order for this process to work effectively, Directors must have access to the tools and resources necessary to make informed and educated decisions. This includes understanding how to maintain a positive relationship with the property manager that ensures both sides are carrying out their appropriate roles and responsibilities to serve the community.


Board of Directors &

Owners / Residents

Stratastic’s tools and resources allow Boards to make more educated decisions that represent each owner.  Our easy to access resource library provides relevant information relevant to topics such as governance, building maintences, property value among others that gives Boards the knowledge to make better decisions for their community. 


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