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Your Residents Are Calling

Linda Murphy-Kreimes
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In the modern era of communication, where digital channels are increasingly popular, the importance of phone etiquette remains crucial, particularly in property management for effective resident interactions. This article highlights the significance of proper phone etiquette for building strong relationships with residents. It discusses the benefits of good phone etiquette, such as making a positive first impression, compensating for the lack of nonverbal cues, enhancing reputation, and retaining customer relationships. The article offers practical tips for improving phone etiquette, including being consistent in answering calls, practicing active listening, utilizing the hold button appropriately, answering calls promptly, keeping residents informed, smiling while talking to customers, eliminating background noise, and asking questions while taking notes. Maintaining good phone etiquette is emphasized as a means to foster positive customer experiences and maintain strong relationships with residents.


phone etiquette, communication, customer service, resident interactions, active listening, reputation, customer relationships, tips.

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Linda Murphy-Kreimes
Your Residents Are Calling
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