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Why you should buy instead of renting

Author: Staff
Publication date:
May 13, 2022
Article Summary: 

In this article, real estate expert Sean Miller argues that it is better to buy a property rather than rent. He believes that if you keep renting in order to save for your dream home or try to time the market, you are wasting time and handing more money over to someone else. Miller suggests that buying a property, even if it is not your dream property, can help you build equity and appreciation over time, which can enable you to buy your dream home faster. He emphasizes that your first property doesn't have to be your forever home, and suggests starting with a small property and moving up later. Miller also suggests buying a property and renting it out to someone else, allowing the tenant to pay off your mortgage while you build equity and appreciation. He acknowledges that buying a property may be difficult for some, but suggests options such as private financing, co-signers, and asking family for help with the down payment. Miller concludes that buying a property, even a small one, is a better investment than renting because it allows you to put your money back into your own pocket, rather than someone else's.


real estate, buying property, renting, equity, appreciation, down payment, investment, tenant.

Source Citation: Staff
Why you should buy instead of renting
May 13, 2022
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