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Why Should You Attend Your Annual General Meeting?

Brian Horlick, Luis A. Hernandez
Publication date:
January 19, 2018
Article Summary: 

This article emphasizes the importance of attending the Annual General Meeting (AGM) for condominium owners. The AGM is a yearly meeting where owners can discuss the affairs of the condominium corporation, vote on various items, elect directors, and review financial statements. The article provides five key reasons to attend the AGM: ensuring the corporation can transact business by meeting quorum, exercising voting rights on important matters, asking crucial questions to auditors and candidates, making your voice heard in community discussions, and staying informed about the condominium's affairs. The AGM is a once-a-year opportunity for owners to actively participate in their condominium's governance and decision-making process.


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Brian Horlick, Luis A. Hernandez
Why Should You Attend Your Annual General Meeting?
January 19, 2018
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