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What You Need to Know Tendering an HVAC Contract

Kelly Halkett
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Discusses the process of tendering HVAC contracts for condominiums. The author emphasizes the importance of considering various factors when selecting vendors for HVAC services, including reputation, experience, and industry registration. The article highlights the significance of reputation and word of mouth in the vendor selection process. It provides insights into preparing for the tendering process, including understanding the type of contract needed (preventative vs. comprehensive) and creating a scope of work document. The author advises managers to invite prospective vendors to visit the building and equipment before submitting bids. The article emphasizes the need for thorough research and accurate scope of work documents to ensure that vendor quotes align with the expected services. The author also offers suggestions for facilitating board decisions and provides guidance on reviewing contract terms and termination clauses before signing agreements.


Condo HVAC contracts, tendering, vendor selection, reputation, scope of work, preventative vs. comprehensive contracts, board decisions, contract termination, vendor reviews, contract terms.

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Kelly Halkett
What You Need to Know Tendering an HVAC Contract
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