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What Is The Difference Between A Condo And An Apartment ?

Toronto Condo Team CA
Publication date:
February 12, 2022
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This article discusses the differences between condominiums and apartments in Canada. The article covers topics such as ownership, amenities, cost, and management of property. Condos tend to be more upmarket with better facilities, while apartments are more basic and affordable. Condo owners have control over the property, while apartment management is usually handled by a leasing company or a professional real estate organization. Renting a condo usually involves dealing with both the condo owner and the Homeowners' Association (HOA). Ultimately, condos offer a more luxurious lifestyle at a higher cost, while apartments offer basic living at lower rent rates.


condo, apartment, Canada, ownership, amenities, cost, management of property, Homeowners' Association.

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Toronto Condo Team CA
What Is The Difference Between A Condo And An Apartment ?
February 12, 2022
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