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What Is The City Doing About Basement Apartments?

Toronto Realty
Publication date:
November 9, 2018
Article Summary: 

This blog discusses the City of Toronto's approach to basement apartments, which are often unregulated and illegal. The City has recognized the need for affordable housing and has introduced a series of measures to make it easier for homeowners to legalize their basement apartments. These measures include a streamlined application process, reduced fees, and increased support for homeowners. Additionally, the City has implemented a Basement Apartment Conversion Program that provides low-interest loans to eligible homeowners to help cover the costs of retrofitting their basement apartments to meet safety standards. The City has also established a Basement Flooding Protection Subsidy Program to help homeowners mitigate the risk of flooding in their basement apartments. Despite these efforts, there are still challenges to legalizing basement apartments, including resistance from some homeowners and a lack of enforcement resources.


City of Toronto, basement apartments, affordable housing, regulation, safety standards, retrofitting, low-interest loans, flooding, enforcement.

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Toronto Realty
What Is The City Doing About Basement Apartments?
November 9, 2018
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