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What Happens if Main Drain Pipe Back Uo?

Everest Plumbing
Publication date:
November 19, 2020
Article Summary: 

This article explains the main reasons why the main drain line of a house can back up, causing problems such as a slow drainage system or even sewage flooding the building. The main causes can be flushing non-soluble items, aging sewer systems, tree roots, sanitary main blockages, or combined pipelines. The article also provides several warning signs that can alert homeowners to hidden damage before things get out of hand, such as bubbling or gurgling in the sink or shower, slow drainage, or unusual sounds when flushing the toilet. Finally, the article offers tips on how to prevent this plumbing issue in the future, such as not flushing non-soluble items and having a professional examine the backup if unsure of the cause.


main drain line, clog, plumbing, sewer systems, tree roots, sanitary main blockages, combined pipelines, warning signs, and prevention.

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Everest Plumbing
What Happens if Main Drain Pipe Back Uo?
November 19, 2020
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