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What’s Happening To Ontario’s Condominium Insurance: How To Deal With It.

Shibley Righton
Publication date:
April 30, 2020
Article Summary: 

The article "What’s Happening to Ontario’s Condominium Insurance & How to Deal with It" on discusses the changes to the insurance industry and how it affects condominium corporations in Ontario. The article explains the increase in insurance premiums and deductibles, as well as the decrease in coverage, which can lead to financial strain on condo corporations. The article also provides practical tips on how to manage the insurance challenges, such as reviewing the insurance policy regularly, working with insurance brokers to find the best coverage options, and implementing risk management strategies to reduce the likelihood of claims. The article highlights the importance of being proactive and informed in dealing with insurance issues to ensure the financial stability and sustainability of the condo corporation.


Ontario, condominium insurance, insurance industry, premiums, deductibles, coverage, financial strain, policy review, insurance brokers, risk management, financial stability.

Source Citation: 
Shibley Righton
What’s Happening To Ontario’s Condominium Insurance: How To Deal With It.
April 30, 2020
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