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Using Divergent Thinking To Become a Better Leader

John Leo Weber
Publication date:
May 22, 2019
Article Summary: 

Using Divergent Thinking To Become a Better Leader

Divergent thinking is a method used to come up with creative ideas. It is a spontaneous, free-flowing and nonlinear process where many ideas are generated and explored over a short time. It is not linked to intelligence or a high IQ as much as personality traits. People who excel at divergent thinking tend to be nonconformists, curious, risk-takers and have persistence. To promote divergent thinking, creative exercises such as making lists of questions, setting aside time to think or contemplate, brainstorming, subject mapping, bubble mapping, keeping a journal, role-playing games, free writing and artwork are all ways to work the divergent thinking muscle. Convergent thinking is the next step, where ideas are organized and structured.
The idea of a divergent leader is not one who is always off on flights of fancy, but one who can generate ideas and then use a more practical approach to implement them with the help of action plans and work management tools. The difference between the two is that the divergent thinker comes up with many answers, while the convergent thinker lands on only one. It is important to understand that divergent and convergent thinking can coexist and thrive, and how to foster divergent thinking. Most businesses are more conservative and are solution-based, but businesses that don't take risks are not going to advance. Divergent thinking is inherently creative and often innovative, and is worth the investment.


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John Leo Weber
Using Divergent Thinking To Become a Better Leader
May 22, 2019
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