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Thermal Loss & How You Can Spot It!

Andrew Poirier
Publication date:
April 11, 2023
Article Summary: 

As winter gives way to spring, condo boards should conduct a seasonal review of the building's cladding systems to identify issues and prevent costly repairs. One common problem is ice damming on sloped shingle roofs, where melting snow refreezes at the edges, causing water leaks into the interior. Thermal loss is another concern resulting from uneven or improperly installed insulation and failed weather seals. Infrared cameras can be used to detect thermal anomalies, air leakage, and water leakage.

Window condensation is a recurring issue due to elevated humidity levels inside buildings. Circulating good practice notifications to unit owners can help reduce condensation problems. Actions such as using exhaust fans, opening window coverings, limiting humidifier use, and controlling humidity levels can be recommended. Thermal imaging can be done to assess excessive condensation issues, check window weather seals, and detect air leakage.

By addressing these issues early, condo boards can maintain the integrity and appearance of the building, ensuring energy efficiency and avoiding costly repairs in the future.


Thermal Loss, Ice Damming, Infrared Camera, Air Leakage, Water Leakage, Window Condensation, Humidity Levels, Exhaust Fans, Weather Seals, Energy Efficiency, Costly Repairs.

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Andrew Poirier
Thermal Loss & How You Can Spot It!
April 11, 2023
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