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The Politics Of Mistakes

Lissa Breault
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Lissa Breault's text discusses the politics of mistakes in the workplace. She argues that business owners, bosses, newbies, experienced RCMs, and managers all have different roles and responsibilities. Breault believes that those who make mistakes have a firm resolve and skills that no one else brings to the team, making them perfectly suited to do the job. Stephen R. Covey's "7 Habits of Highly Effective People" reveals that visions are often projections rather than reflections, and that we must own our mistakes and move on. F-A-I-L stands for "First Attempt In Learning," and if we fail, we should be kind to ourselves and choose to see things from a different perspective. We should also be kind to ourselves and forgive ourselves when no one else will, and turn these opportunities into personal victories and be awesome.


mistakes, success, mistakes in the work place, workplace politics, mistakes made in the workplace, the 7 habit of highly effective people, first attempt in learning

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Lissa Breault
The Politics Of Mistakes
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