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The Difference Between Vacation and Paid Time Off

Benefits Administration Paycor
Publication date:
August 30, 2022
Article Summary: 

This article discusses the differences between vacation and paid time off (PTO) policies. PTO is a broader policy that includes vacation, sick leave, personal days, parental leave, bereavement leave, holiday pay, and disability leave. While all vacation is PTO, not all PTO is vacation. A PTO policy provides more flexibility for employees, reduces the incentive to lie about being sick, and reduces the workload for HR and managers. However, employees are more likely to use all their PTO, come to work when they are sick, and some states require employers to pay out accrued but unused PTO upon termination. The article also discusses the pros and cons of an unlimited PTO policy and the importance of encouraging employees to use their time off.


vacation, paid time off, PTO, personal days, sick leave, parental leave, bereavement leave, holiday pay, disability leave, unlimited PTO policy, HR, managers.

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Benefits Administration Paycor
The Difference Between Vacation and Paid Time Off
August 30, 2022
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