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The Benefits of Hosting a Virtual Annual General Meeting

Stacey Kurck, RCM,
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Discusses the advantages of hosting virtual Annual General Meetings (AGMs) for condominiums in the digital age, particularly in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. It explores the transition from in-person to virtual meetings, addressing concerns about interaction, attendee participation, and voting processes. The benefits of virtual AGMs are highlighted, including increased attendance, convenience for participants, the opportunity for foreign investors to engage, the option to record meetings, and cost savings compared to traditional in-person gatherings. The article also notes the flexibility for boards to schedule busy individuals and guests for virtual meetings. While the possibility of returning to in-person AGMs exists as restrictions ease, community feedback is deemed crucial for making informed decisions about future AGM formats.


Virtual AGM, condominium, digital age, COVID-19, interaction, attendee participation, benefits, convenience, cost savings, in-person meetings, community feedback.

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Stacey Kurck, RCM,
The Benefits of Hosting a Virtual Annual General Meeting
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