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Sharing Between Condominium Corporations

Christy Allen and James Davidson
Publication date:
March 8, 2024
Article Summary: 

Disputes over shared facilities between condominium corporations often lead to legal battles, as seen in the cases of OCCC 574 v. OCCC 573 and CCC 519 v. OCSCC 656. In both cases, there were no registered agreements governing cost-sharing, leading to disagreements over responsibilities. Courts typically aim for a fair and reasonable allocation of costs based on factors like the portion of the facility owned by each party or the relative benefit received. However, historical legal precedents and interpretations of common law principles sometimes complicate these matters. Proposed amendments to the Condominium Act aim to address such issues by making shared facilities agreements mandatory in most cases. Understanding statutory easement rights and maintenance obligations under the Condominium Act is crucial for resolving disputes over shared facilities effectively.


Condominium corporations, shared facilities, legal disputes, cost-sharing, condominium law, Condominium Act, statutory easements, maintenance obligations, court decisions, legal precedents, common law principles.

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Christy Allen and James Davidson
Sharing Between Condominium Corporations
March 8, 2024
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