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Recommissioning For Condominiums

Mann Engineering
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The article discusses the importance of recommissioning condominium buildings' HVAC systems to optimize energy efficiency, improve resident comfort, and extend equipment lifespan. It defines recommissioning as the process of re-optimizing existing buildings' performance, often led by professional engineers, and highlights its benefits, including cost savings and energy efficiency improvements. Case studies and partnerships with organizations like Enbridge Gas Distribution are mentioned to illustrate successful recommissioning initiatives. The scope of recommissioning work and the involvement of building staff and residents are emphasized, along with the potential for additional upgrades and improvements based on recommissioning findings.


Recommissioning, condominium buildings, HVAC systems, energy efficiency, professional engineers, cost savings, building optimization, Enbridge Gas Distribution, partnerships, building automation system (BAS), energy management, equipment lifespan, resident comfort, sustainability.

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Mann Engineering
Recommissioning For Condominiums
Not Available
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