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Read That Policy Carefully: Flood Insurance Coverages

Paul Davis GTA West Group
Publication date:
February 26, 2018
Article Summary: 

This article discusses the importance of checking insurance policies for coverage against flooding in Canada. It highlights the two major types of flood insurance: regular flood insurance and overland flood insurance, and emphasizes that pricing depends on the provider, address, and property. The article notes that flooded basements have become the most expensive claim type for Canadian homeowners, and that cleanup and restoration can cost up to $42,000 in major Canadian cities. The advice is to contact a homeowners' insurance broker to determine the threat of flooding and obtain appropriate flood insurance coverage. The article concludes by recommending calling Paul Davis for expert emergency cleanup, recovery, and restoration in the event of flood or water damage.


flood insurance, regular flood insurance, overland flood insurance, Canadian homeowners, cleanup and restoration, insurance policy, insurance broker, emergency cleanup, recovery, restoration.

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Paul Davis GTA West Group
Read That Policy Carefully: Flood Insurance Coverages
February 26, 2018
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