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Professionalism Brings Tangible Value

Audrey McGuire, RCM
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Audrey McGuire, RCM, the President of ACMO, warmly welcomes members to the fall season and acknowledges the rapid changes occurring in the industry. She emphasizes the positive evolution of the industry towards enhancing professional management for the benefit of both boards and managers. Leadership, planning, decision-making, organization, and professionalism are highlighted as key fundamentals that contribute to successful condominiums. McGuire addresses the critical shortage of property managers, the upcoming retirements of many members, and the need for industry-wide commitment to professionalism. She underscores the importance of administrative support in retaining managers and attracting millennials seeking work-life balance. Mentorship programs are proposed to ensure continuity in service and succession planning. McGuire expresses gratitude to members for their dedication and passion in the challenging times. She concludes by encouraging safety, kindness, and a can-do attitude.


ACMO, President, industry change, professional management, leadership, planning, decision-making, organization, professionalism, property managers shortage, administrative support, mentorship programs, industry commitment, licensing, dedication, industry evolution, succession planning, dedication, passion.

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Audrey McGuire, RCM
Professionalism Brings Tangible Value
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