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Product Manager vs. Project Manager: 4 Key Differences

Jennifer Bridges
Publication date:
July 29, 2022
Article Summary: 

Product Manager vs. Project Manager: 4 Key Differences

The expression "product manager vs. project manager" is commonly seen online, but what is the true difference between the two roles? Both roles are responsible for managing either the product or project lifecycle, two separate but similar processes that require leadership and planning. A product manager leads a team through the product life cycle, which consists of assisting with market research, creating the product vision, planning the product development process and setting up a product roadmap for execution. A project manager is a leader who oversees cross-functional teams through the project life cycle to guarantee successful project completion. To better understand the differences between these two roles, let's do a side-by-side comparison to decide which role is best for your project or whether you need to fill both positions.

The most important responsibilities of a product manager are the main responsibilities of a project manager, such as managing teams during the initiating, planning, scheduling, monitoring and closing phases of a project. Project managers have many different roles and responsibilities throughout the project life cycle, such as creating a product vision, defining customer needs, defining KPIs, and creating and managing a product roadmap. They also assemble and manage a project management team, develop a project plan, create project management documents, use project management skills and project management tools, and monitor the project management knowledge areas. There are similarities between the soft skills required to be a product or project manager, such as leadership, problem-solving & communication, organizational skills, and negotiation skills, but hard skills differ for both positions.


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Jennifer Bridges
Product Manager vs. Project Manager: 4 Key Differences
July 29, 2022
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