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Preventing Fraud in Your Condominium with Electronic Voting

Ben Zelikovitz
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Ben Zelikovitz's article discusses the role of electronic voting in preventing fraud and ensuring integrity in condominium governance. The author emphasizes that while most property managers, board members, and owners are well-intended, the integrity of condominium governance needs to be maintained through transparent and secure processes. Electronic voting offers several benefits in this regard.

Firstly, electronic voting increases participation by providing an easy and convenient way for owners to vote, reducing the influence of smaller groups with agendas. Enhanced security is another advantage, as electronic voting platforms often use secure methods such as email addresses, PINs, or passwords to verify owners' identities. Additionally, electronic voting platforms have proprietary security tracking to prevent tampering and ensure the security of votes.

Furthermore, electronic voting improves accountability and transparency. Auditable records of who voted and when can be obtained almost instantly, which is valuable for contested elections and decision-making. While electronic voting is crucial, the author also emphasizes the importance of a holistic approach to preventing fraud, including processes for obtaining quotes, documentation, RFPs, and project tendering.

In conclusion, embracing solutions and practices that enhance transparency, security, auditability, and accountability contributes to maintaining the integrity of condominium governance.


Electronic voting, Condominium governance, Fraud prevention, Integrity, Transparency, Security, Accountability, Participation, Proxy forms, Security tracking, Auditable records, Decision-making, Holistic approach, Property management, Board members, Owners.

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Ben Zelikovitz
Preventing Fraud in Your Condominium with Electronic Voting
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