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Improving Your Reserve Fund Study

Mitchell Gerskup
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Discusses the importance of developing a comprehensive capital repair plan in addition to a reserve fund study for condominiums. While reserve fund studies are required by the Condominium Act, they often focus on financial aspects rather than strategic planning. A capital repair plan, also known as a "strategic capital repair plan," outlines major repair or restoration projects for the next few years and provides a roadmap for effective decision-making and cost savings. The article emphasizes that condominium managers and boards should go beyond the minimum requirements of reserve fund studies to create a plan that prioritizes and orders repairs strategically.


Capital repair plan, Reserve fund study, Condominium boards, Strategic planning, Financial planning, Condominium Act, Maintenance planning, Property value enhancement, Cost savings, Infrastructure upgrades, Building recladding, Project coordination, Long-term objectives, Property maintenance.

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Mitchell Gerskup
Improving Your Reserve Fund Study
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