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How To Use A Project Decision Log for Optimal Results

Marshall Simmons
Publication date:
February 2, 2022
Article Summary: 

How To Use A Project Decision Log for Optimal Results

A decision log is a record of decisions that lead to a choice during a project. It can be meeting information, a record or a document of the project. Project managers use a decision log to keep stakeholders updated on who authorized a decision and how it came about. A decision log serves as a communication tool that delivers supporting information to stakeholders. Decisions don't just happen in scheduled meetings, but can also be made in casual meetings or between a couple of team members.

The project decision log is gaining traction in project management, as it provides a reminder of decisions made and who authorized them. It also explains who made that decision and why, which can help keep the team from disagreeing. Documentation is key for projects, as it offers historic data and acts as part of a risk management plan. ProjectManager is cloud-based software that connects hybrid teams, managers and stakeholders with a real-time work management tool. Keep your project decision log, change log, issue log, risk log, action log, raid log, risk register or any log you use on the task list view of our software.


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Marshall Simmons
How To Use A Project Decision Log for Optimal Results
February 2, 2022
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