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Project Management

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How to Know When To Kill A Project & Cut Losses

Jennifer Bridges
Publication date:
June 22, 2019
Article Summary: 

How to Know When To Kill A Project & Cut Losses

The text provides valuable insights into the factors that project managers should consider when deciding whether to continue or terminate a project. These include changes in the project needs, the original purpose of the project, costs, circumstances affecting completion, conflicts within the team, and disagreements on how to move forward.

The text highlights two common fallacies that can lead to the continuation of a project that should be terminated. The sunk cost fallacy, which involves continuing a project because of the resources already invested in it, can result in further losses if the project is not viable. The commitment fallacy, which involves persisting with a project despite evidence that it is not working, can damage personal and company reputations.

The text also highlights external factors that can affect a project's success, such as financial crises, natural disasters, management changes, and federal mandates. These changes can impact the project's scope, cost, time, and quality, and may necessitate terminating the project.

Overall, the text emphasizes the importance of objectively evaluating a project's viability and being willing to terminate it if necessary. This can save resources and prevent further losses, ultimately benefiting the project team and stakeholders.


project management, project manager, terminate project, project success, project evaluation criteria, risk management, resources

Source Citation: 
Jennifer Bridges
How to Know When To Kill A Project & Cut Losses
June 22, 2019
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