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How New Efficiency Standards Affect Rooftop Units

Publication date:
October 11, 2022
Article Summary: 

This blog discusses the impact of new energy efficiency standards on rooftop units (RTUs) used in commercial HVAC systems. The author notes that the new standards, set by the US Department of Energy, require RTUs to meet higher energy efficiency levels, resulting in lower energy consumption and cost savings for building owners. The blog provides an overview of the key changes to the efficiency standards, including new minimum efficiency levels and updated testing procedures. The author also notes that the new standards may require building owners to upgrade or replace older RTUs that do not meet the new efficiency requirements.


rooftop units, energy efficiency, commercial HVAC systems, US Department of Energy, minimum efficiency levels, cost savings, testing procedures, upgrade, replacement.

Source Citation: 
How New Efficiency Standards Affect Rooftop Units
October 11, 2022
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