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Henry Jansen
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The article discusses the importance of addressing paving decisions for condominium properties. It emphasizes the need for timely action and explains various methods of asphalt repair, including throw 'n' roll, semi-permanent repair, spray-injection method, full-depth roadway replacement, and infrared repair. The article provides insights into asphalt pavement composition, its deterioration due to factors like water and UV rays, and the significance of sealing coats in protecting the pavement. It also outlines the typical structure of asphalt paved roads, parking areas, and driveways. The article stresses the importance of crack filling and surface depression repairs as part of a maintenance plan, and highlights major paving projects that might arise after fifteen years. It encourages proactive planning and action to ensure the longevity and quality of condominium paving.


Paving decisions, asphalt repair, maintenance plan, crack filling, surface depressions, UV deterioration, asphalt pavement composition, sealing coats, condominium properties, maintenance projects, roadways, parking areas, driveways.

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Henry Jansen
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