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Episode 39 – Violence and Harassment in Condominiums

Christy Allen, Emily Deng and Mitchell Robinson
Publication date:
March 4, 2024
Article Summary: 

Episode 39 of the Condopedia podcast, released on March 4, 2024, addresses the crucial issue of violence and harassment in condominiums. The episode features speakers Emily Deng, Christy Allen, and Mitchell Robinson, who cover various aspects of the topic. Deng discusses violence and harassment against employees, Allen provides insights on responding to allegations of violence and harassment, and Robinson delves into relevant legal cases addressing these issues. Allen also offers proactive steps and preventative actions that condominium associations can take to address violence and harassment effectively. The podcast is available on various platforms, including the website and major podcast platforms like Podbean and Google Podcasts.


Condopedia podcast, violence, harassment, condominiums, workplace harassment, allegations, legal cases, preventative action, condominium associations, employee safety.

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Christy Allen, Emily Deng and Mitchell Robinson
Episode 39 – Violence and Harassment in Condominiums
March 4, 2024
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