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Effective Decision-making Equals Good Governance

By Laura Lee, RCM
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The ACMO (Association of Condominium Managers of Ontario) blog post titled "Effective Decision-Making Equals Good Governance" discusses the importance of effective decision-making in achieving good governance within condominium corporations. The article emphasizes the role of the board of directors in making informed and strategic decisions that align with the best interests of the condominium community. It highlights key factors for effective decision-making, including transparency, accountability, communication, and engaging with owners and residents. The blog post also addresses common challenges faced by boards in decision-making processes and provides practical tips for improving decision-making practices. Ultimately, the article emphasizes the significance of good governance in promoting trust, accountability, and the overall success of condominium corporations.


Effective decision-making, good governance, board of directors, informed decisions, condominium community, transparency, accountability, communication, owners, residents, challenges, trust, accountability, success, condominium corporations.

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By Laura Lee, RCM
Effective Decision-making Equals Good Governance
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