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Diversity: My Own Journey

Ruki Mohamedbhai, RCM
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Presents a personal journey of the author, Ruki Mohamedbhai, highlighting her experiences with diversity and inclusion in various aspects of her life, particularly in her professional role as a condominium manager. The author discusses incidents of prejudice, discrimination, and challenges she faced due to her ethnicity, religion, and gender. She emphasizes that diversity goes beyond skin color and includes various factors such as gender, age, sexual orientation, culture, race, and religion. The author reflects on systemic racism and discrimination and the need for open discussions to address these issues. She shares instances where she fought against bias, sexism, and prejudice, and how she navigated challenges to succeed in her career. The author also describes her journey of embracing diversity, even in contexts she was not initially familiar with, such as working with the LGBTQ+ community. She encourages individuals to speak up, make small changes, and contribute to the growth of a more inclusive society. The article concludes by affirming the importance of diversity in today's world and the author's commitment to continuing her efforts to promote it.


Diversity and inclusion, personal journey, prejudice, discrimination, ethnicity, religion, gender, systemic racism, challenges, professionalism, LGBTQ+ community, speaking up, small changes, inclusive society, commitment.

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Ruki Mohamedbhai, RCM
Diversity: My Own Journey
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