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Crossing Over into Condominium Management

Benjamin Tabesh; Matthew Reijerkerk
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The condominium industry is experiencing growth in property management positions, creating a demand for skilled individuals. This article discusses the potential for contract workers in roles such as concierge security, superintendents, and cleaners to transition into property management. The story of Matthew Reijerkerk, a former concierge security staff member, exemplifies a successful crossover. Matthew developed skills in communication, conflict resolution, and professionalism through his concierge role. He pursued ACMO courses at Humber College to meet licensing requirements and transitioned into property management with support from property managers and Condor Security. The article emphasizes the importance of training, networking, continuous learning, and mentorship for contract workers aiming to enter property management.


condominium industry, property management, contract workers, skills transfer, career transition, communication, conflict resolution, professionalism, ACMO courses, networking, continuous learning, mentorship, career advancement.

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Benjamin Tabesh; Matthew Reijerkerk
Crossing Over into Condominium Management
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