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Condo In A Condo…In A Condo…

Michelle Kelly
Publication date:
August 4, 2022
Article Summary: 

The article discusses the concept of creating a standard condominium within a larger vacant land condominium community, resulting in a layer upon layer of condominiums. The developer can use this concept for planning purposes, financial motivation, and to ensure a uniform appearance throughout the entire project. However, the concept can become complex when multiple condominiums are involved, and issues such as registering documents, voting rights, communication, and collecting arrears arise. While some of these issues can be addressed in carefully drafted declarations or by-laws, the complexity may increase disputes, and there is still uncertainty as to how the Act would be interpreted for the condo in a condo since there are no reported cases yet.


condominium, vacant land condominium, standard condominium, developer, planning, financial motivation, uniform appearance, complex, issues, registering documents, voting rights, communication, collecting arrears, disputes, uncertainty, declarations, by-laws.

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Michelle Kelly
Condo In A Condo…In A Condo…
August 4, 2022
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